MUKASI Massage Gun Deep Tissue Electric Massager

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MUKASI Massage Gun Deep Tissue Electric Massager Neck Body Muscle Stimulation Percussion Pistol Pain Relief Relaxation Fitness

Relieve muscle soreness Smart fascia gun

Engineering design | 12 levels | Deep massage

Your personal massage therapist

Fashion appearance

Fashion appearance / Long lasting life / High speed

Large torque / Low noise / Smart chip

The simulation manpower / Method a variety of massage head / A key to start

Deep pain relief Improve stiffness after exercise

Physical vibration, effectively promote circulation, repel lactic acid can l exercise more easily, longer force

8 kinds of professional massage heads Work on every muscle group

For different parts of the body to use the corresponding massage head effect is better

A different kind of massage

The spherical head
Palm press massage

Gold finger
Knuckle massage

Flat head
Hammering massage

Shovel head
Massage massage

U first
Pat massage

Arc head
Massage massage

Double U head
Pat massage

The bullet
Finger press massage

Relieve muscle stiffness Improve muscle soreness after exercise

Deep relaxation fascia gun relieves muscle stiffness through lactic acid produced after deep,powerful impact exercises

High turn noise reduction motor Surging power and low noise vibration

The fascia gun uses a high-power motor with surging power, high speed impact deep muscle quickly break down lactic acid, so that pain and fatigue disappear in the impact again and again

Press strength does not decay

Durable operation does not burn

Real material surging power

LCD sensitive touch 12 levels intensity

To meet the massage needs of different parts of your body

Large capacity lithium battery Long lasting massage

High quality lithium battery, provide stable output current, long life

PDC explosion-proof valve New security upgrade

PDC explosion-proof valve design is safe and stable

45DB low noise operation Be quiet and gentle

Enjoy moments of relaxation without disturbing others

Falling leaves — 10DB
Quiet residential — 30DB
Fascia gun — 45DB
Fan blowing wind — 70DB
The alarm clock ringing — 80DB

Recommended users

Sitting at the office
Relieve the fatigue of sitting stiffly and inject new vitality into work.

Sports fitness
Warm up before exercise and relax after exercise

Honor your elders
Relieve the old backache, promote circulation.

Easy to carry, anytime and anywhere to relieve stiffness and pain.

Product Parameters

The product name
Multifunctional fascia gun

Product model

Product color
The black sky

The fuselage material
ABS material

The interface type

Gear to adjust
1~12 file

Battery capacity
2000 mah battery

Battery life
About three hours

The product weight


Black, Green, Silver, Red, Black With Bag, Green With Bag, Silver With Bag, Red With Bag


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